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Shaping modern businesses—Touch Branding is a team of creatives and designers tailored for ambitious companies in rapid growth or major change. We work with those who challenge conventions and push for a better world. Through brand and communication strategy, identity development, and product design, we help our clients shape what’s next.


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Eldar Ventures
Verbal and visual identity

The Icelandic-Czech company Eldar Ventures, which builds and invests in European startups, has received a new spark in the form of corporate identity. With a growing portfolio of online startups and expansion plans, the company has asked for rebranding that would reflect their love of technology and passion for igniting new projects. The logo and identity is formed from the name Eldar, which is Icelandic for fires. Eldar Ventures ignites “fires” in the form of new products (either investing in them or creating them inhouse).

O2 Media
Rebranding & communication

A new concept of visual identity and updated communication strategy shifted the O2 Media perception. Instead of explaining the logical and technical aspects of the service we started emphasizing the main advantage that makes mobile marketing so unique ... the ability to precisely target advertising messages and thus create effective marketing.


Impact Hub
Consultations for startups

Our creative director, Martin Marušinec, is part of mentoring team that helps startups in acceleration programmes organised by Impact Hub. The focus of the consultations is branding and communication.


Never stand still—Life is a constant change, especially for fast paced companies. Over the years we developed our own method called AIM (always in motion). The method splits the usual creative process into smaller stages. It enables us to deliver results much faster and with a continuous feedback implementation – without losing the focus on the big picture. We believe that flexibility together with an open mind are tools leading to success. We use today to improve upon yesterday, to create better tomorrow.



We do not make difference between disciplines. Design, branding or advertising must work hand in hand so that every point of contact with your existing or potential clients is a chance to advertise your company, products and services. Our work is always centered on long-term strategy for which we find the most appropriate design solution, which is both effective and attractive. The solution is consistent in all execution disciplines and communication channels. In another words: Touch Branding creates idea-driven design solutions using a cross-disciplinary media-independent approach.


Fintech Fund
Brand launch

A brand launch for a czech investment fund that specialises on investments into a fintech sector. Thanks to our "Always in Motion" method the first phase of the project was finished in just two weeks, including the logo, corporate identity elements and digital onepager. In next two weeks we designed the website and printed materials. Using human-centric principles we were able to create identity that is both standing out and trustworthy.


Product development & identity

We developed and for five years were running our own web service aimed at designers. The service allowed designers from around the world to create online brand manuals without any need of coding. We developed the product from the initial analysis, through prototyping, designing and developing to final launch and marketing. All done inhouse.


ROI Hunter

A new branding strategy and visual identity for a Product Marketing Platform that helps e-commerce retailers to become more profitable. We created a very bold and unusual identity based around hunter & gatherer philosophy and aesthetics of cave paintings. This clearly separated the company from the clichés of tech sector, while reinforcing the brand name and key brand promise.

Brand identity

We developed a brand positioning and strategy for a start-up focused on efficient decision making in agriculture. Tronio is an end-to-end service that needed to convince farmers to implement IoT into their production processes in order to mitigate risk, optimise resources and increase operational efficiency. Using our "Always in Motion" method we were able to bring the brand from garage-level to serious company in matter of weeks.


Sathea.cz – Identity Sathea (Save The Earth) is a Czech manufacturer of modern light fittings and systems for smart lighting of cities and municipalities. We crated the logo and basic corporate idneity elements to help them shine.


Scandia.is – Identity Scandia Legal is a digital-only company that offers its customers comprehensive solutions in the area of ​​billing services in Iceland and Scandinavia. We created their logo and basic identity guidelines.


BoomSport – Identity A new visual and verbal identity for UVEX digital outlet in Slovakia. The identity merged the premium positioning of the UVEX brand with the need to clearly position the shop in the low-end discount sector.


iReef.tv–Identity Logo and basic elements of corporate identity for a digital advertising startup based in Australia. The street interactive installation uses large screens and face scanning technology to engage pedestrians to learn more about and book a tour to the Great Barrier Reef .


LMC–cobranding signature LMC Group has eight products (brands) that make recruitment easier. We developed several concepts of unified cobranding signature, that brought the whole group under one roof while retaining the individual identities of products such as Jobs.cz or Seduo.cz


Centrum.cz–Logotype Design of the logo for one of the major Czech internet portals offering communication (e-mail, chat), current local and world news, weather and many other  services. The logo has been in use since 2008, making it one of the most consistent digital brand in Czech republic.

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