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Packaging concept featuring Vinolok glass closure

Patagona is a packaging concept which showcases the unique combination of the Cooleo two-layer bottle and the Vinolok glass closure. Patagona logo—the Chilean Hummingbird—is hot stamped on the bottle to achieve the metallic look. The sealing rings of the Vinolok closures are tinted to match colours of the logo. The rest of the branding on the bottle is realized by flocking.

Patagona Wine Packaging - DetailPatagona Wine Packaging - Detail
Patagona Packaging - Cooleo bottlePatagona Packaging - Cooleo bottle
Patagona Packaging - Vinolok glass closurePatagona Packaging - Vinolok glass closure
Patagona Packaging - Vinolok in the bottlePatagona Packaging - Vinolok in the bottle
Patagona Packaging - TypographyPatagona Packaging - Typography